Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are CSAs Worth It???

If you're not familiar with the acronym, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a sort of subscription service in which a small patch-work farmer can pre-sell a portion of his/her harvest for the season.  These subscriptions or shares, as they're more commonly called, are important to the farmer, as they provide guaranteed income and help them gauge overall demand for produce.

I've been wanting to subscribe for a CSA for years, but never got on the ball soon enough.  This year, I just made the cut.  I grabbed one of the last shares available from Circle S Farms in Rising Fawn, Georgia****.  Actually, I grabbed a half-share, but let's just call it a share for simplicity.  A share costs $630 and lasts for 17 weeks, for an average of $37 per weekly pick-up.

To be honest, questioning the value of a CSA is pretty ridiculous.  In a country where mono-culture farming has destroyed thousands of acres of farm land, and greatly reduced the nutritional value of produce, patch-work organic farms are providing far more nutritious food, and, more importantly, changing the food culture by educating people and exposing them to what a well farmed vegetable or fruit should taste like.

Still, I wouldn't be much of a Cheapster if I didn't over-analyze the economics of something.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

REAL Retirement Mistakes Part 1 - Bull Shit Funds

The other day I clicked on one of those inane Yahoo articles about retirement.  This particular one was about common mistakes that prevent people from retiring at an appropriate age.  To put it nicely, the article was a piece of shit.  I imagine the writer spent all of 12 seconds thinking of the most obvious things that came to his/her mind and puked them out in 500 dumb-ass words.

Not contributing to your 401k can make it difficult to retire???  Thanks Captain Obvious!!!  I had no idea!!! 

Is Yahoo really that desperate for content???

Anyway, it got me to thinking...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bloggin's Hard Work

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The past few months have been a blur.

In April, my mother was in a serious auto accident.  She suffered a severe and life-changing injury, but her physical and emotional resilience has been an inspiration.

In May, I worked a month of six ten hour shifts per week.  The first 15 or so were on night shift.  I have to do this about once every nine months.  It's a pretty major inconvenience, but at least it's predictable and I'm compensated for the extra time.

In June, Boss Blond and I welcomed our second daughter into the world.  The first few weeks have flown by and I love the little poop machine even more than I could have imagined.

As my 6 regular readers have probably noticed (HI MOM!), the blog has floundered during all of these happenings.  To be honest, I considered just deleting the site and moving on with a blog-free existence.
You see, it turns out that blogging is hard work, and I was a little unprepared for the time it would take to do the following:

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Top 5 Frugal Things You Can Do

Not long ago I was talking to a family member about starting this blog and my various adventures in frugality.  To my surprise, he was pretty interested.  He asked me what he could do to be more frugal and start saving more.  The question was almost overwhelming.  I mentioned cutting cable, and joining Republic Wireless, but my advice devolved into your basic diarrhea of the mouth.

So, I decided to think of the five most frugal things someone can do so that when asked this question again, I'll be ready.  Here's what I came up with.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cheapster Nirvana: The Moto G and Republic Wireless

Somewhere in the universe there is a nexus of all possible and impossible dimensions.  In this place of convergence things that should not coexist do.  Matter and Anti-Matter.  Oil and Water.  Justin Bieber and Not Sucking.  And, most importantly, Frugality and Luxury.  Within this nexus lies the corporate headquarters of Republic Wireless.

A little over the top???  Oh well....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Joy of Living Slightly Behind the Times - A Tale of Two Laptops

A couple nights ago I was sitting in the crawl space with my wife and half-asleep daughter.  It was 10:00pm and a Tornado Warning had just been issued.  For 30 minutes we sat on storage tubs and talked about how we needed to buy a weather radio.  This has been our Tornado Warning ritual ever since the spring storms of 2011 rocked our house and littered our yard with golf-ball sized hail.

What does this have to do with laptops???


Monday, April 28, 2014

The Cheapster Saves - With Ooma!!

Not long ago, I paid about $150 per month for a cable bundle.  I've already written about cutting cable, but the other thing I had to deal with was my land-based phone.

Included in the $150/month was $29.99 + taxes/fees for my cable telephone service.  When I first embarked on this budget-cutting journey, I assumed that the land line could just go away.  Why do we need a land line when we have cell phones, and we really don't like to talk to people on the phone anyway??  Feel me?  Well, Boss Blond did not.